Jun 262017

Today I dumped the last PAL from a Dream Soccer ’94 PCB.Device was a registered GAL16V8 with simple logic to reproduce.With this dump, along with ones previously provided by ‘frsj8112’, we have a complete PLD set from Irem M107 hardware (Dream Soccer ’94, Fire Barrel, Air Assault).

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Jun 182017

We have some new Irem M92 PAL dumps.I dumped the registered device from a GunforceII PCB (on ‘M92-B-G’ ROM board).This is actually present also on Superior Soldiers ROM board at same location and with same label.Then I found that this PAL is found also on In the Hunt/Kaitei Deisensou ‘M92-E-B’ ROM board with different label.I dumped also the two PALs from a genuine R-Type Leo : the one  ‘marked M92-C-2L-‘ @IC7 is found also on Lethal Thunder/Thunder Blaster (same label and same location) and other M92 games too (but with different label and location).The other (labeled ‘M92-C-7H-C’ @IC43)  is specific to R-Type Leo only.These dumps gave me also the chance to reorganize all Irem M92 dumps merging shared dumps and removing unneeded entries.

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Jun 152017

Today we have some new PAL dumps.Our regular contributor ‘coolmod’ posted on Dumping Union native dump of a PAL20L8 from a Palamedes (US version) PCB.I took care of converting it to GAL20V8 fuse map which he successfully tested on board.Thanks to him.

I dumped two PALs from an Alien Storm (bootleg, set 2 according to MAME).Devices were two secured GAL16V8 , one of them was registered too but with simple logic.A third secured/registered GAL16V8 was present but dumping was not possible due strong feedback used.

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Jun 042017

Having a working Terra Cresta bootleg (from Tecfri but they are all the same) gave me the opportunity to verify the PAL dumps we had.I successfully converted from PAL16R4 to GAL16V8 fuse map two of them.The third one was a native dump from a PAL16L8, the fuse map we had was not good so I redumped the device from my board and successfully reversed it in GAL16V8.Most likely, like it often happen for bootlegs that have same layout of original, the dumps should be working also on the Nichibutsu board but a real test is needed and would be appreciated.

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Jun 032017

Some days ago I dumped the PALs from a pretty rare board : Money Money by the italian Zaccaria manufacturer.Here’s how board looks like:

Devices were three secured PAL16L8.I reversed two of them in a GAL16V8 while I was able to fit equations of the third one in a GAL22V10 (so tie pin 10 to pin 12 of the IC when installing the replacement in a socket).

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