Jan 012018

Over the years there have been people asking if they can submit posts of their own.
Aside from friends of mine I have never really wanted to open up registrations for everyone.
I have now finally got around to enabling a frontend to allow people to submit their own posts.
It can be found under the “Contact/Links” menu and is just a trial right now.
If it doesn’t take off or gets abused in any way then it will be removed and we will go back to business as usual.
Hopefully we will get some more diverse content going on as a result of this

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Jan 012018

Happy new year everyone to everyone that visits this place and a big thanks to all that have either contributed or made a donation.
Hope you all have a great 2018

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Pooyan Diagnostic ROM

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Dec 092017

This is an initial test release. ( Has not been tested on real hardware yet )

This EPROM installs on the CPU board @ A4. This does not replace the original software but is only used as a means of testing the main-board, sound and video hardware. Detects STERN, KONAMI and POOTAN versions of the software.

Diagnostic mode is accessible by holding down player 2 start whilst powering on the game or enabling demo sounds via dip 8 of dsw2.

Version: $55BF

See current version for download

Some diagnostic ROMs added

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Dec 072017

Thanks to the courtesy of ‘philmurr’ we can host all his test ROMs for arcade PCBs.They are specific for :

  • Galaxian
  • Moon Cresta
  • Mr. Do!
  • Phoenix-Pleiads
  • Scramble

ROMs have ben tested on real hardware.You can read more about on UKVAC forums :

  • Mr. Do! :



  • Galaxian, Moon Cresta and Scramble :



  • Phoenix and Pleiads :


Thanks again to him.


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‘For Sale’ Section

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Sep 242017

As you may now notice there is a new tab on the menu bar called ‘For Sale’.
At present this is just a simple gallery showing items that we may be selling at any particular time.

If your interested in any items then please contact the seller directly via the contact form

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