May 132017

I recently bought myself a Hi-Lo ALL-11 programmer. This unit uses the original ALL-LAB base unit to connect to the outside world and also as a power supply.
Inside there are four PALCE16V8 chip. Three of them are already dumped and are out in the wild here
The one at U9 is registered and there cannot be recreated using our usual methods. I suspect this is also why it hasn’t been dumped before.
As the device is a PALCE there is a good chance I could reset the security fuse by power glitching. This was successful and I was able to read out the fusemap without any issues.
The registered part looks like a 4 bit binary counter and the equations show that too so I am going to mark this as ‘Assumed Working’ for now. I haven’t tested as I really wanted to get the programmer back together for some playing around with.

All the ALL-LAB PAL’s are now dumped and a copy has also been sent to the site above for inclusion.

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May 122017

In the past days I dumped the only PAL from a Bells & Whistles PCB (export version of Detana! Twin Bee by Konami).Original device was a secured PAL20L10 which I reversed and tested successfully  into a GAL22V1o.

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Apr 302017

I converted to GAL fuse map the Bubble Bobble dumps we had in native PAL format (provided some time ago by an unknown source) and successfully tested the conversions back on my original Taito board.I also adapted in a GAL16V8 the only Bipolar PROM (used for video timing) located on VIDEO board of this PCB @IC41, you can find it in the ‘GAL replacement for Bipolar PROMs’ section.

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Data IO 29A & CPS1 SF2 bootleg pals added

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Apr 062017

I’ve been sat on these for a while but only just got around to adding them.
First are two PAL’s found on the RAM daughter board from a Data IO 29A PCB. They were unlocked so at present they are in native PAL16L8 format.

The second is unusual. It came from a Hung Hsi bootleg of Street Fighter II CE.
It goes where the BPRG1 PAL normally goes and is very similar to the original.
If you use the regular BPRG1 then the game reportedly resets and is not playable.

Thanks to Evan Korzon for supplying the chip and also for testing.

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Sonic Blast Man (US version) and Bad Lands (bootleg) PAL dumps added

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Apr 022017

Today we have some new PAL dumps from these PCBs:

  • Sonic Blast Man (US version).Dumps in native PAL16L8 (two devices) and PAL20L8 (one device) have been provided by coolmod on Dumping Union MAME mailing list.I took care of converting them to GAL fuse map and coolmod succesfully tested them on PCB.Thanks again to him.
  • Bad Lands bootleg.This dump completes the set along with the ones we already have.Device was a unsecured 18CV8 which I adapted in a GAL18V10.
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