Apr 062017

I’ve been sat on these for a while but only just got around to adding them.
First are two PAL’s found on the RAM daughter board from a Data IO 29A PCB. They were unlocked so at present they are in native PAL16L8 format.

The second is unusual. It came from a Hung Hsi bootleg of Street Fighter II CE.
It goes where the BPRG1 PAL normally goes and is very similar to the original.
If you use the regular BPRG1 then the game reportedly resets and is not playable.

Thanks to Evan Korzon for supplying the chip and also for testing.

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Apr 022017

Today we have some new PAL dumps from these PCBs:

  • Sonic Blast Man (US version).Dumps in native PAL16L8 (two devices) and PAL20L8 (one device) have been provided by coolmod on Dumping Union MAME mailing list.I took care of converting them to GAL fuse map and coolmod succesfully tested them on PCB.Thanks again to him.
  • Bad Lands bootleg.This dump completes the set along with the ones we already have.Device was a unsecured 18CV8 which I adapted in a GAL18V10.
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Mar 292017

Today we have some new PAL dumps from these boards:

  • Thunder Blaster (japanese release of Lethal Thunder, Irem M92 hardware).Devices were two secured PAL16L8 located on ‘M92-C-B’ ROM board.The one labeled ‘M92-C-2L-‘ @IC7 is present also on all other revision of M92 ROM boards although under different labels.The one labeled ‘M92-C-7H-‘@IC43 is specific to this game.256KB binary PAL dumps has been sent in by ‘robotype’ and I took care of reversing them.Lastly I re-organized all the IREM M92 dumps in the database adding notes about shared PALs and indication of ROM board hardware revision where they come from.
  • Rabio Lepus (japanese release of Rabbit Punch, Video Systems).Two secured devices dumped and reversed : one PAL16L8  on CPU board and one EPL16P8BP on video board.

All dumps have been successfully tested back on respective PCBs using GAL16V8 targeting devices.

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Gunbird 2 PAL dump added

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Mar 182017

I dumped the only PAL from a Gunbird 2 PCB.Original device was a secured PALCE16V8H marked ‘PS5-1’ @U18.Dump has been successfully tested onto a GAL16V8 targeting device.

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Big Fight and Ninja Emaki PAL dumps added

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Mar 162017

Today I dumped two PALs from a Big Fight and Ninja Emaki PCBs.In the first board, device was a secured PEEL18CV8 located on daughterboard @IC56, I was able to fit equations in a GAL18V10 targeting device.In the latter board, device was a secured PAL14H4 @10F on CPU board which I successfully reversed onto a GAL16V8.Both boards had also other PLD devices but all set as registered so not dumpable.

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