Fujitsu FM-TOWNS Marty PSU repair log

I got from a german customer this nice Fujitsu FM-TOWNS Marty console. For the uninitiated FM-TOWNS Marty¬†a japanese console whose hardware is derivated from its “big brother” FM-TOWNS computer.It has some of the coolest¬†perfect arcade ports ever published like Splatterhouse, Bubble Bobble, The New Zealand Story, Tatsujin Oh and others. … Continue reading

Juno First repair log

This is hopefully one of five Juno First repair logs. Thanks (I think) to muddymusic I have a stack of these needing repaired. There are two originals and three bootlegs altogether and decided to make a start on the originals first. This one booted to an unsynced red picture. Looking … Continue reading

Bucky O’Hare repair log

Got this original Konami Bucky O’ Hare PCB for quite some time but I never looked at: Once powered on it displayed good graphics but loud, scratchy and distorted sound.Everyone in the arcade world knows that this kind of PCB use an hybrid custom sound module, in this case it’s … Continue reading

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