CPLD Files


Here you will find files to program into one of the 28 pin CPLD boards available.

Currently the boards are made by either MikeJ (FPGAARCADE) or ColinD.
Which board they can be used on will be specified under the “FOR WHICH HARDWARE” header. It will either state “ColinD” or “MikeJ”.
The files are NOT interchangeable between the two hardware boards.

If you dont know how to use these files then chances are you wont be needing them yourself.

If you find any of these useful then please consider donating via the button in the sidebar. Thanks!

DescriptionAuthorVersionFor which hardware?DOWNLOAD
Konami 501 customPorchyv1 (23/01/2016)ColinD (EPM7064S)DOWNLOAD
Pacman Syncbus controllerPorchyv1 (14/02/2016)ColinD (EPM7064S)DOWNLOAD
Pacman VRAM addresserPorchyv1 (14/02/2016)ColinD (EPM7064S)DOWNLOAD
Taito MB112S146Porchyv1 (12/06/2018)ColinD (EPM7064S)DOWNLOAD

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