Jan 282017

Today we have new entries in our archive.

Coolmod sent dumps from a Crime City (Taito) PCB.Devices were all unsecured (three PAL16L8 and one PALCE16V8), I took care of converting dumps to GAL16V8 fuse maps and I successfully tested them on my board.

Team Europe sent 256KB binary dump (obtained with the Charles MacDonald 27C020 PLD adapter) of the PAL16L8 from a Fun World – MegaCard MC3 PCB.I reversed equations into a GAL16V8 fuse map which is untested for now since board is not working.Thanks to both for their contribution.

Lastly,  I successfully adapted into a GAL16V8 the bipolar PROM @7A – IC52 from a Vigilante (Irem M75 hardware) PCB , you can find .JED in the archive section.

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