Decrypted SEGA


These are not suitable for MAME or other emulators and should not be used for any kind of bootlegging.
None of the other ROM dumps for each game are provided.
These are provided on the condition that they are only used to fix games that have suicided.
We do not encourage or condone ‘killing’ a non suicided board when using these files.

We are not affiliated in any way with SEGA and these files will be removed immediately if we are requested to do so.
The intention is to keep the games we love up and running so they can be enjoyed on the original hardware they were intended to be ran on.

Please give feedback, good or bad, if you have tried any of these.

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Could you please not sell these files for profit.

They are provided to help people fix their games and continue playing them.

By selling them you not only undermine the work put in by those that have made this possible but you may also contribute to the removal of any such content and any future content on this site.

Thank you