Diagnostic ROM’s

CPS1 Diagnostic ROMFor use with Rockman setup only.Cal2DOWNLOAD
CPS1 Diagnostic ROMFor use with B-21 C board only.Cal2 DOWNLOAD
Gyruss test ROMA test ROM for GyrussShoestringDOWNLOAD
HyperSports / Hyper Olympic 84A test ROM for HS / Hyper Olympic 84Shoestringv0.5 Test
Installs in socket G15
NEO-GEO diagnostic ROMsDiagnostic ROMs used to help diagnosing faulty NeoGeo cart systemssmkdanv0.19DOWNLOAD
Rainbow Islands all self check modsAdds the C-Chip self test mod and full ROM test mod too (this requires a pinout mod or daughter board)Porchyv0.1 (untested on real hardware)DOWNLOAD
Rainbow Islands C-Chip self test modMakes it so the error message is actually displayed should the C-Chip fail its self test.Porchyv0.1 (untested on real hardware)DOWNLOAD
Time Pilot Test & Diagnostic ROMA Time Pilot Test & Diagnostic ROMShoestringDOWNLOAD
Track & Field / Hyper Olympic Tester TEST 1.2 A test ROM for Track & Field / Hyper OlympicShoestringv1.2 Test
Installs in socket 5A
WWF Wrestlefest memory testBased on Porchy's original. Made good by PantmanPorchy
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