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Due to the growing number of PAL dumps we have it has become necessary to split the database up as it was becoming really slow and unresponsive at the back end.
for now we have decided just to split the database in half, A-M and N-Z. This may change in the future depending on how effective it is and how many PAL dumps we get.

If you want to help out then please send me any PLD dumps you may have or you can donate via PayPal. PLD dumps can be from anything computer, pinball, arcade or even equipment and doesn’t matter if they are tested or not or from a bootleg.
If you see any boards out there that are in the Wanted section then please let us know too.
There are a few utilities online that let you work with PLD files.
PALTOGAL.EXE – Allows you to convert .JED files between various different formats
EQN2JED & JED2EQN – Allows you to convert a JED back into equations and vice versa

Neither will run on modern OS’s but work fine under DOSbox

Please do let me know if you have tested any of these files. Thanks

Tested – Means this file was has been tested in a real pcb and the game APPEARS to work, it does NOT mean they are perfect!
Assumed working – Means the PLD was unlocked and dumped using a programmer but the file has NOT been tested
Untested – Means the file has not been tested. A lot of the time these a from an unknown source


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