Repairers List


This is a list of repairers I know of. Use them at your own risk!

United Kingdom

VectorGlow / IronGiant

Contact via PM on the following forums: – IronGiant – VectorGlow – IronGiant – VectorGlow

“I repair most arcade game boards from the late 70s up until the early to mid 90s. There are some exceptions but please enquire via any of the above forums.”


Caius / caiusfabricius

Contact via PM on the following forums: – caius
Arcade Italia – caiusfabricius
Arcade Extreme – caiusfabricius
Retro Gaming History – caius
Shmups – caius
Arcade Otaku – caius
Neo-Geo – caius
KLOV – caius
BYOAC – caius

U.S.A – Dallas, TX

channelmaniac / channelmanic

Contact via PM at the following places:

KLOV – channelmanic
shmups – channelmaniac
Arcade Otaku – channelmaniac
Sega-Naomi – channelmaniac
Neo-Geo – channelmaniac
BYOAC – channelmaniac
NewLifeGames – channelmaniac

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