Nov 302017

Received this Japanese version of Liquid Kids for a repair  running on a different F2 hardware.


The game was playing fine but hadn’t any sounds.

Amplifier and preamps were good so I started to probe the sound circuit logic.

The Z80 sound cpu ram had some weak signals

After replacing it , the sound was restored.

Liquid Kids repair log

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Oct 312016

This game had two problem:

  • Glitchy and noisy sounds
  • Blocky background images



Given the high unreliablity of Taito maskroms I immediately tested the ones marked in red which with no surprice some pins not connected internally




C49-04 restored the glitchy sound and C49-02 fixed the blocky gfx.

Replacements to be used are 27c400 (4mbit eproms with maskroms pinout)

Game 100% fixed