May 272011

My good mate Andy over at RCM gave me his 1230 MK2 expansion card to have a look at last time I was there. The problem was the PLCC socket on the FPU was cracked at one corner.

I did manage to confirm this was the problem by holding the socket together so I ordered some socket from China and removed the old socket
The old one came off easy enough with a hot air gun.

The sockets came and I set about fitting it. I decided to use solder paste as it makes the job quite a bit easier when soldering surface mount things with many pins.
5 or so minutes later the new socket was on and after a quick check under the magnifying glass it was time for a test run.

Workbench reported the extra RAM and my 1200 was now a flying machine so im happy its working. Tried Scorched Tanks to make sure, its the only game that was on the compact flash drive!