Cruisin USA link PAL, Commodore C16 PLS100 & Shadow Dancer PAL added

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Apr 022018

Here is something a little more special than normal.
A quick google search for “Cruisin USA link PAL” shows that a few people have been searching for this for a while now. I personally bought a PCB a few years ago in an attempt to dump it only to find the link up version uses a different PAL chip.
Recently TheDrunkenArcade bought the correct PCB and gave the PAL to JROK to reverse.
Massive thanks to TheDrunkenArcade and JROK for doing this and also allowing us to add it.

Next up is the Commodore C16 PLA. I made a post showing the method I used to recreate this to allow it to be programmed to an original PLS100 device. After much testing I have uploaded the file.

Finally my good friend Banjo Guy Ollie sent me IC48 PAL chip from his Shadow Dancer bootleg. The device seems to be operational but the PCB it came from is not yet 100% so we cannot test it right now.
There is another PAL on this PCB that he will be sending my way when he can.
Thanks to Ollie for this

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Mar 042018

I recreated this late last year but haven’t been able to test until recently.
This is the last missing dump from the MK2 hardware.
The ID is A-17481 and is located on the sound PCB.

Thanks go to JokerCK for lending me his GAL chip to reversing. Also big thanks to JonHughes for confirming the recreation worked for someone other than me. Finally thanks to my good friend Paul for stripping his PCB out of his cab for me to do some testing on.

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Hammerin’ Harry PAL dumps & Warriors of Fate PAL dumps

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Feb 072018

Today Hammy sent me 3 PAL chips.
We have one from the M84 Hammerin’ Harry, this one is very similar to the one we already have but it has a “-D” appended to the label ID. Next one is from the M72 Hammerin’ Harry and the PAL from Warriors of Fate on CPS1.
The Hammerin’ Harry ones have been tested by Hammy.

Thanks to Hammy for sending these.

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Real Break – Billiard Academy PAL dump added

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Feb 062018

Today I dumped the PAL from a Real Break – Billiard Academy PCB (a pool game manufactured by Nakanihon in 1998).Device was an unsecured PALCE16V8.

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PAL dumps update

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Feb 042018

Today we have some new PAL dumps.

‘coolmod’, one of our finest contributors, sent in different dumps, all are untested since they come from not working PCBs.We had from him dumps from these boards:

  • Gals Panic 3.Devices were two PLDs in PLCC44 package : a ispLSI 1016 and a ispLSI 2032.
  • Namco System 11.One PLD dumped from motherboard.
  • Namco System 2.One PLD marked “SYS87B-2B” dumped from a CPU board of a Golly Ghost! boardset.This has slighly different equations than usual one marked “SYS87B-2” we had on database.
  • Quick Pick 5 , a slots game by Konami.Two secured PALs here, I reversed them into GAL16V8 fusemap.Picture of board:

  • VJ Dash1.2, a music game from Jaleco.Dumped one unsecured Xilinx XC7336 (PLCC44) PLD and one secured PEEL18CV8 (reversed by me into GAL16V8).Picture of board:


Artemio Urbina sent in dumps (from seven devices) from a Thunder Zone PCB, according to him these are specific to the Japanese ROM set so they may not work on other versions

‘chaneman’ sent in dump of a 82S153 device found on a Pengo bootleg board.He also send info on how to run on this board an unencrypted version of original Sega game code, you will find notes on database.

The user ‘undamned’ from Arcade-Projects forums dumped the PAL marked ‘D77-20’ from the Taito F3 cartridge ‘Kirameki Star Road’, device was an unsecured PALCE16V8 @IC37:

Lastly, I converted to GAL16V8 a BPROM found on a Black Tiger/Black Dragon PCB.Dump of the BPROM (a Fujitsu MB7114 marked ‘BD03’ @11K) was taken from MAME ROM set.GAL conversion was successfully tested by the Arcade-Projects user “rewrite” on his board which was missing this chip.

Thanks to all contributors.

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