Dark Seal PALs added

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Jan 282013

caius has allowed me to add his dumps from his Dark Seal PCB.
These have been tested and are in GAL16V8 format.

Thanks caius

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Football Champ PAL update

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Jan 272013

Since ive recently acquired a Football Champ board I thought id convert and test the PAL dumps that Andreas sent me.
They work fine and the GAL files are also available for download. Ive left the PALs up too just in case.

Status has been changed from Assumed working to Confirmed working

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Rambo 3 PAL dumps added

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Jan 262013

Andreas dumped 2 unprotected PAL16L8 chips from his Taito Rambo 3 board. The board was not working but the PALs were unprotected so they are assumed working.

Thanks Andreas

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Rampart, Food Fight and 1000 Miles Rally PLDs

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Jan 222013

JROK has very kindly given me permission to include his GAL files for Rampart and Food Fight in the downloads.
His Food Fight one is a nice replacement for the old PLS153 chip on there and is useable without any modifications.
Thank you very much to him. Please visit his website at www.jrok.com.

I have dumped a GAL from a broken 1000 Miles Rally board.
The GAL is labelled MMS3G040 and it appeared to be unprotected.
I cannot test this yet but would be interested in knowing if it works or not.

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