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|No Schematics!
|No Schematics!
|[http://www.jammarcade.net/files/Schematics/Arcade/F1_Dream_Installation_Manual_(Romstar).pdf Installation manual]
|[http://www.jammarcade.net/files/Schematics/Arcade/F1_Dream_Installation_Manual_(Romstar).pdf Installation manual]
|Manual and schematics
|[http://www.jammarcade.net/files/Schematics/Arcade/Firetrap.pdf Operators manual + schematics ]

Latest revision as of 19:47, 22 July 2020

Name Notes Download
1942 Schematics
1943 Schematics
After Burner Schematics
Aliens Submitted by frsj8112. Good quality Schematics
Aqua Jack Provided by Phil Bennett Schematics
Arch Rivals Schematics
Arkanoid Schematics
Asteroids Deluxe Schematics
Bagman Submitted by Ace' Schematics
Boot Camp / Combat School Service manual + schematics
Bubble Bobble Schematics cleaned up up mdesleur Schematics
Cadash Made by Zabanitu Partial schematics
CAPCOM CPS1 A-Board Old hardware revision

New hardware revision

CAPCOM CPS1 B-Board Schematics
Chase H.Q Schematics

SEGA System 2

Submitted by Corrado Tomaselli Schematics
Circus Charlie Schematics
Darius Operating manual + schematics Schematics
Dark Adventure Scans by 'frsj8112'

Also useful for troubleshooting other games on Konami Twin16 hardware.

Desert Assault Schematics
Double Dragon Schematics
F-1 Super Battle Scans by Phil Bennett Instruction manual
F1 Dream No Schematics! Installation manual
Firetrap Manual and schematics Operators manual + schematics
Frogger Schematics
Galaga '88 Operators manual + schematics
Halleys Comet Schematics
Hang On Schematics
Haunted Castle Instruction manual + schematics
Heavy Barrel Schematics
Helifire (Nintendo) Schematics
Ikari III Courtesey of Kevin Eshbach.

Also useful for SAR - Search and Rescue, Prehistoric Isle, Mechanized Attack, Gang Wars, Street Smart

Irem M81 partial schematics Partial schematics created by Porchy - 27/07/2014 Schematics
Irem M84 partial schematics Partial schematics created by Porchy - 11/10/2015 Schematics
Juno First Instruction manual + schematics
Karate Champ Courtesey of Kevin Eshbach Installation instructions + schematics
Ken sei Mogura Provided by Dr Alan Meades.

No schematics

Instruction manual
Knuckle Bash Schematics
Last Mission Provided by Phil Bennett Manual + schematics
Lethal Enforcers II Useful for Konami GX hardware Instruction manual + schematics
Lightning Fighters / Trigon Schematics
Midway T-Unit Schematics
Moon Wars 2 Schematics
Mortal Kombat Operators manual + schematics
Mortal Kombat 2 Operators manual + schematics
Nemesis Schematics
Neogeo MV1F Schematics
Operation Thunderbolt Schematics
Operation Wolf Schematics
Out Run Schematics cleaned up by mdesleur Schematics
Out Zone Schematics
Pac-Land Schematics
PacMan Schematics
PacMania Useful for all Namco System 1 boards Schematics
Pengo Schematics
Popeye Operation manual + schematics
Popeye (bootleg) partial schematics Partial schematics made by Porchy Schematics
Racing Force Schematics
Rainbow Islands Partial schematics made by Porchy. Updated 26/07/2013 Schematics
Rastan Manual + schematics
Robocop Service manual + schematics
Rolling Thunder Schematics
Rygar Schematics
Salamander / Life Force Schematics
SEGA Megatech Partial schematics made by Porchy Schematics
SEGA System 16A Schematics

Updated schematics (from Channelmaniac)

SEGA System 16B Schematics
SEGA System 24 Schematics
Silent Scope Fortune Hunter / EX manual Scanned by Muddymusic

No game PCB schematics

Sinistar Schematics
Space Firebird Owners manual + schematics
Space Gun Provided by Taito Schematics
Spy Hunter Operating manual + schematics
Star Jacker Scanned by Ben76

Useful for other System 1 games

Operating manual + schematics
T.N.K III Courtesey of cpsystem3 and Jonathan Gevaryahu Schematics
Tecmo Bowl Courtesey of Kevin Eshbach Schematics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Schematics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Turtles in Time Schematics
Terminator 2

Submitted by Ace'

Manual + Schematics


Tetris (Atari) Scan by user 'Atari Force' from KLOV Schematics
The Main Event Instruction manual + schematics
The Simpsons Instruction manual + schematics
Thunder Cross Courtesey of 'frsj8112' Schematics
Time Pilot Schematics
Time Pilot 84 Schematics
Toobin Schematics
Varth (bootleg) Partial schematics made by Caius Schematics
Vega (Olympia) Scans by Corrado Tomaselli Schematics
Xevious (Namco) Schematics