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|[http://www.jammarcade.net/files/Equipment/Firmware/ABI/ICT24_6-1-12.zip ZIP]
|[http://www.jammarcade.net/files/Equipment/Firmware/ABI/ICT24_6-1-12.zip ZIP]

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Resource Notes Download
Operators manual Scanned by Equites PDF
Product Description Scanned by Equites PDF
Firmware (v2-5-12) ZIP
Firmware (v5-9-12) ZIP
Firmware (v6-0-12) Dumped by Porchy ZIP
Firmware (v6-1-12) Submitted by mr2940 ZIP


-- Version number description --
First two digits are the software version
Second two digits are the options that are installed

-- Options --
Option 1: Memory devices
Option 2: Interface devices

-- Example --
v6-1-12 = software version 6.1 with options 1 & 2 installed