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|[http://www.jammarcade.net/files/pals/Namco-SYS87B-1.jed JEDEC]
|[http://www.jammarcade.net/files/pals/Namco-SYS87B-1.jed JEDEC]
|[[File:Namco SYS87B-1.jpg|100px]] [[File:Namco SYS87B-1 underside.jpg|100px]]

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Pictures by Clawgrip


PLD Information Credits Download Pictures
Dump Method Target Device Location ID Status Creator(s) Tester(s) Files View
Bruteforced GAL22V10 8D SYS87B-3 Tested Caius Caius JEDEC
Recreated GAL16V8 9D SYS2V-2 Tested Porchy Stef JEDEC
Bruteforced GAL16V8 2P SYS2V-10 Tested Caius, Robotype Caius JEDEC
Bruteforced GAL16V8 4G SYS87B-1 Tested Caius, Robotype Caius JEDEC Namco SYS87B-1.jpg Namco SYS87B-1 underside.jpg
Bruteforced GAL16V8 5F SYS87B-2 Tested Caius, Robotype Caius JEDEC