Uo Poko

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PLD Information Credits Download Pictures
Dump Method Target Device Location ID Status Creator(s) Tester(s) Files View
Unlocked GAL16V8 U12 U12 Assumed working Seb Poko U12.jed.jed JEDEC U12.JPG
Unlocked GAL16V8 U13 U13 Assumed working Seb Poko U13.jed.jed JEDEC Uo Poko U13.JPG
Unlocked GAL16V8 U36 U36 Assumed working Seb Poko U36.jed.jed JEDEC Uo Poko U36.png


  • Device type on the PCB are GAL16V8 but they were dumped as GAL16LV8 devices. Not sure if this will affect operation


  • Pictures and files from Seb